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Get your listing in front of lots more people for as little as $27. From logos to videos, we offer plenty of ways to make your listings more compelling than ever.


Adding branding to your listing will give you credibility and promote and increase awareness of your brand.

Free on job volume plans
$29 on job packs
$35 on casual listings
(Excludes GST)


  • Your company brand will appear beside your listing in search results.
  • Your company brand will be visible at the point of application.
  • Links to your other job listings so job hunters can see everything you have on offer.

      Featured Listing

      Featured listings receive double the applications of non-featured listings. They appear higher in search results and have a yellow background that makes them stand out.

      $89 on job volume plans
      $89 on job packs
      $109 on casual listings

      (Excludes GST)


      • Priority positioning near the top of your chosen category.
      • Yellow background to make your listing stand out.
      • Bullet point formatting in the listing.

      Promoted listing

      Want to attract the best candidates to a high profile position? Secure the top spot and get your listing in front of 2.5 times more people with a promoted listing*.

      $300 Nationwide
      (Excludes GST)


      • Guaranteed top spot for 7 days (sub-category and region search).
      • Visibility in all relevant top level category searches (via carousel).
      • Our biggest advertising space with logo and image areas.
      • 2.5 times more views.
      • 2.5 times more applications.
      • After 7 days, your listing becomes a featured ad.


      If you're looking for incredible engagement, why not tell the story of your workplace with a video? It's a great way to give applicants an inside look at your company and values.

      Free on job volume plans
      Free on job packs
      Free on casual listings


      • Up to 10% increase in watch-listings. 
      • Increased engagement with 16% more time spent on listings with videos.
      • Add YouTube videos via the 'Photos & video' page. Need help? 
      • Some third-party support. For more info, email
      • Visibility on website (desktop and mobile) and Android app. iOS not yet available. 
      • For full terms, click here.