Jobs BrandingPlus

Build even stronger brand awareness with a full advertising takeover.

Key requirements

For Branding Plus campaigns we require three sizes of standard display ads:

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250 pixels)
  • Half Page (300x600 pixels)
  • Leaderboard (728x90 pixels)

These ads appear alongside your listings, taking over all ad units on the page. The display ads can be designed completely to your preference to match your brand specifications. The banner ads will appear in a couple of places on site, as outlined below.

Please note that the assets must be received seven working days before the start of the campaign.

1. Listing Details Page

There are two ad units for Jobs Listing Pages that are included in Branding Plus campaigns. At the top of the page you will see a leaderboard ad (728x90px), and on the right hand side a half-page ad once you scroll down.

Leaderboard ad / Half Page ad

2. Company Page

Your ads will also appear when users click through to view all other listings from your company. It follows a similar layout to the Listing Details Pages but also includes one or more Medium Rectangle banner ads in-between the listings.

Medium Rectangle ad / Half Page ad

Full specifications

Image dimensions (width x height):

  • 300x250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)
  • 300x600 pixels (Half Page)
  • 728x90 pixels (Leaderboard)

File size: 80 KB or less

File format: PNG, JPG or GIF

Animation: accepted

For animated GIF ads, we require it to loop no more than three times. The same maximum file size applies also. 

Please supply:

  • 3x images (300x250, 300x600 and 728x90)

Email all assets to

Important notes

  • You may supply up to a maximum of 1 creative executions to run on rotation per campaign.
  • Assets to be received seven working days before the start of the campaign for testing and loading. Failure to do so may result in your campaign not starting on time.

For any further questions, please contact your Account Manager. 

Please refer to our full Advertising terms and conditions