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How to post a job ad on Trade Me Jobs

Need a hand listing your role on Trade Me Jobs? Check out our easy step by step process below.

Stage 1: Title & Category

To get started, visit and log in to your Trade Me account as normal.

Next, click ‘List a job’.

The listing title box is where you input the title of the role you’re advertising for, e..g Senior Sales Manager. Note, this title has a 50 character limit, so keep things snappy.

Next, choose a category – for example, IT. You can then narrow this down in the Sub category box, e.g. ‘Systems engineers’ – this helps job hunters targeting specific role types.

Stage 2: Details

Here, you give the candidate everything they need to know about the job you have on offer. Start with:

  • The company name
  • The region and district
  • Your salary range (this can be annual or hourly)
  • The type of contract – e.g. Full time, part time or contract.
  • Any additional benefits that come with the job.

Under the Summary & description section you have two sections to complete:

1. Short summary

This has a 150 character limit, and only shows on the search results page. As such, keep it brief and use it to highlight specific role requirements or perks of the role. For example, ‘Seeking an experienced web design specialist’.

2. Description

Here, you’ve got 5,100 characters to play with. Use the description to give a more detailed picture of what the ideal candidate looks like, and why they should want to work for you.

Top tip: Use bullet points to make your description easier to read. You can do this by using an asterisk, then a space on a new line.

After this, simply add contact details, and tell hunters where they should submit applications.

Stage 3: Photos and video

Add photos to your job listing, showing off your office, your logo, or anything else you think your job hunters would be interested in seeing.

If you have a company video, you can add this to your ad too. Just click ‘Add photos’ or ‘Add video’ to get these added.

Stage 4: Extras

This section gives you the option of turning your ad into a featured listing and/or adding your branding.

These extras are optional, but help your ad stand out to job hunters and, in the case of Featured listings, can seriously increase the number of applications you receive.

Stage 5: Confirm

Here, you can review all the info you’ve added, as well as the cost.

Once you’re happy, simply hit ‘Confirm & list job at the bottom’, and your ad will go live on site.

If you have insufficient funds in your Trade Me account, the button at the bottom will read ‘Credit your account’ instead. Just click this, and a pop up will appear where you can top up your account and then proceed as above.