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8 jobs where no experience is required

Don’t have a qualification or experience? No worries.

Last updated: 10 July 2024

It can be tricky job hunting when you don’t have any experience. But don’t despair – everyone needs to start somewhere, and there are plenty of positions available to those who are new to the workforce, or looking for a change of direction. 

To make your search a little easier, we’ve rounded up 8 jobs you can get with no experience or qualifications. 

The top 8 ‘no experience jobs’ in NZ

1. Customer service

Have you got a way with people? Love helping solve problems and multi-tasking? Customer service could be the perfect career for you. In most customer service positions, you’ll get regular 9-5 Monday to Friday hours and training on the job. You may work on a shop floor or in a call centre, and even with no experience you could get $30+ an hour. 

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2. Hospitality

Hospitality can be a dream career for foodies, coffee fanatics and wine lovers. To get a no experience job in NZ hospitality, you’ll need to be willing to work weekends and irregular hours. On the plus side, you’ll learn all about food and drink, work in a close team and spend your time in a buzzing, social environment. 

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3. Receptionist

Need a job without qualifications? Applying for receptionist positions could be a good place to start – you’ll need to be well presented, organised and personable with basic office skills. In most cases you’ll get training on the job, and be expected to answer and direct calls, greet walk-in customers, perform administrative tasks and make bookings.

4. Delivery driver

If you’ve got a driver’s licence, a knack for planning routes and interacting with people, delivery driving could be a great career option. And while you can get a job without qualifications, getting a different class of licence could be a smart way to boost your earning potential as a driver.

In some cases it's possible to get a delivery driver position without experience.

5. Warehouse and logistics

A role as a picker packer is a great way to get your foot in the door of the warehouse and logistics industry. As a picker packer you’ll be taking deliveries, stacking and storing goods, preparing palettes for forklift drivers and picking goods out of storage. Getting a forklift licence and other relevant qualifications is also an easy way to increase your pay in these roles. 

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6. Data entry

Data entry is a great job option if you’re a decent typer with an eye for detail. You’ll be working in an office, collecting data from records or transcribing it and entering it into a company’s record keeping system. If you’d like to step up your career, a role in data entry is a great way to network in an office environment, before getting some qualifications and progressing into a more advanced role. 

Retail assistant

If you’re a people person you could thrive as a retail assistant. Working in a store is all about putting customers first, solving problems and handling transactions – so as well as having excellent social skills you’ll need to be able to think on your feet. Getting an entry level job at a large retailer could be a great way to work your way up to store manager, or branch out into marketing or other back office positions. 

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8. Pet care

Love doggos? And animals in general? A career in pet care as a pet sitter, dog walker, or doggy daycare employee could be a great fit for you. You’ll get to spend plenty of time with animals, and if you have a pet you’ll already have some idea of what’s required. This industry is great for those who want to set up a small business after getting experience working for someone else. 

Having a pet can count as experience for pet care roles.

Tips for success in ‘no experience’ jobs in NZ

Applying for jobs can be draining, but it’s worth taking the time to get every application right to give yourself the best possible chance:

  • Always send an updated resume that is customised to suit the job you’re applying for. Highlight transferable skills you may have, as well as volunteer or life experience that may be relevant. Read more about writing the perfect CV here

  • Tailor your cover letter to the job and get the details right. Use this chance to sell yourself, explain why you’re perfect for the role and why you want to work for the company. Read more about writing a great cover letter

  • Apply widely and don’t be discouraged. It may be difficult to find a job with no relevant experience, but it’s possible and dozens of entry level (no experience necessary) positions are filled every day. Applying widely will help increase your chances of landing a great gig. 

Once you land a role, your work’s just begun. If you start with a positive attitude and use the position as an opportunity to learn and upskill, you could go from entry level to experienced and senior in no time. 


Ben Tutty
Ben Tutty

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