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Profile success story: Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa landed her developer role through her Trade Me Jobs Profile.

We created Trade Me Jobs Profiles to make it quick and easy for you to apply for jobs onsite, and to allow businesses and recruiters to contact you with relevant opportunities.

We love hearing success stories from job hunters who landed great roles using our profiles, so we thought we’d share this example with you.

Thanks to the strength of her profile, Vanessa Garcia got her developer role here at Trade Me without even applying – here’s how.

Why did you decide to create a Trade Me Jobs Profile?

“In my case, I was fresh into NZ from the U.S., and was looking to buy a car. I had success finding a vehicle on Trade Me, so, when I was ready to start looking for work I figured I might find a similar success on the job front.”

How do you think Trade Me Jobs Profiles help job seekers?

“For job seekers, it’s the fact that a profile connects you directly with companies or recruiters looking to hire in your field. You can easily look for available positions and apply with just a few clicks once your profile is set up, because all your information, experience and downloadable CV are all in one location. Plus, because Trade Me is such a well known and frequently used site in NZ, chances are you’ll have a lot of job options available to you.

It also works the other way in that employers can search for you! In my case, I received an email the very next day from Trade Me themselves asking if I’d like to interview for a developer position they had available. They had found me before I even saw their listing or had a chance to apply for that position, which was an extra confidence booster.”

"They found me before I even saw their listing or had a chance to apply for that position."

How did employers/recruiters reach out to you?

“The company reached out via email mostly and a few phone calls. They were able to quickly send out my CV to the necessary people within the business before they contacted me for an interview. This meant that talking with the hiring manager was easy as they already had all my information. I had already been vetted by the team, and all that was left was setting up an interview if I was interested in the position. Which, of course, I was.”

What are your tips and tricks for creating a great profile?

“My advice is to try and portray your key qualities that would be beneficial and relevant for any job, usually interpersonal skills. But also be sure to emphasise the skills and tools you’d like to focus on in your next position. And don’t be afraid to talk about the areas that you’d like to build on career wise. This shows companies that you actually care about what you do and are passionate about your work.”

What are your favourite aspects of creating the profile?

“I really liked the skills tagging system, as this is a great way to make sure your core capabilities are clearly defined to the reader, and also the fact you can upload your full CV for employers to download.

The profile is a good overview of your skill set and a nice summary that essentially replaces a cover letter, but also means employers can easily get more details on your skills that they can share around to the office.”

...and finally, a recommendation from the Trade Me Jobs team

We advise updating your profile every couple of months, even if you aren't looking to move jobs any time soon.

This is because updating your profile regularly means businesses and recruiters know your recent areas of expertise and interest, and have the option to approach you with the most relevant opportunities that could be the next step in your career.