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How to write the perfect car listing

Not sure how to write the perfect car listing? Here are some top tips to help make your listing the best it can be.

Not sure how to write the perfect car listing? We’ve put together some top tips to help make your listing the best it can be. You can also look over the ideal car listing example for some inspiration. Basically, the more info you provide to pre-empt any buyer questions, the more buyers you’ll attract!

Mandatory listing information

First off, enter your number plate, which will automatically fill in the vehicle details – make, model, year, size and for more recent models, its safety rating (if available). Make sure your automatically added details are correct and then confirm if on-road costs are included or extra to the buyer (WoF, rego, etc.).

If you want, you can fill in the info yourself by choosing 'enter your car details manually'.

Extra information to include

Once the mandatory information is added you can start uploading images and writing your description. Give buyers an honest overview of the condition of the vehicle – any dents, scratches or defects – if you don’t, the buyer may be able to revoke the sale.

  • Mention any special or useful features like a new sound system, child seat anchors, tow bar, reversing camera or anything else buyers would see as an ‘extra’.
  • Maintenance and service history report – add any recent work such as a new set of tyres or cambelt, or if you have a recent mechanical inspection report.
  • When the WoF and rego are due to expire – the WoF must have at least 28 days left when selling.
  • How long you’ve had the car and a genuine reason for selling (upgrading, growing family, going overseas) to give the buyer peace of mind.
  • How you used your car (commuting, road trips, etc.) and what the fuel consumption is like.

Potential buyers want to know as much about your vehicle as possible to make sure they’re buying a good car. Now that you know how to write the perfect listing, it’s time to list your car.