Vehicle selling advice

Ready to sell your car? We're here to help on every step of the journey. From presenting the car at its best, creating a perfect listing, dealing with test drivers and accepting payment.

Getting ready to sell

Cleaning, grooming and touching up. We walk you through car selling step by step.

Selling guide | 3 min read
Car selling checklist

Selling your car but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve created a simple car selling checklist to help.

Selling guide | 3 min read
The best way to clean my car before selling it

A clean car can be the first step to getting buyers interested and hopefully selling at your ideal price.

Selling guide | 2 min read
10 essential photos for selling my car quickly

Once you’ve given your car a good wash – inside and out – you’re ready to take some photos.

Pricing and payments

We make sure you're in the know when it comes to listing, payments and what to do if you owe money on the car.

Selling guide | 3 min read
What’s my car worth?

Get an idea of what your car could be worth, price it right and get it sold.

Selling guide | 2 min read
Choosing the right car listing package

The more promotion your car gets, the more it’ll stand out from the crowd.

Selling guide | 3 min read
How should I receive payment for my car?

Does someone want to buy your car? That’s great news but now you need to decide how you'd like to be paid.

Making the deal

We help you in dealing with viewings, test drivers, mechanical checks and eventually closing the deal.

Selling guide | 3 min read
Dealing with potential car buyers

Try and give yourself the best possible chance to sell your car. You need to keep potential buyers interested!

Selling guide | 3 min read
Negotiating the best price when selling your car

Before selling, here are some tips to prepare you for negotiation.

Selling guide | 4 min read
What paperwork will I need when selling my car?

When you list your car for sale, make it as easy as possible for buyers by having all the paperwork ready to go.

After the sale

Woohoo - you sold your car! Now it’s time for payment, paperwork and saying goodbye to your old friend.

Selling guide | 3 min read
What if the buyer won't pay for my car?

Being a private seller gives you fewer rights than a dealer after a sale, but there are still things you can do.

Selling guide | 2 min read
You've sold the car but now the buyer's unhappy?

If the buyer comes back to you and is unhappy with the car after the sale, you should try to resolve the issue together.

Selling guide | 3 min read
Solving larger issues with the car buyer

Having issues with a buyer after selling your car can be frustrating. Here's how to solve the issue.

Professional sellers

If you sell more than six cars a year you're considered a vehicle dealer. We can help make sure you're set up right.

Selling guide | 2 min read
Could you be considered a car dealer?

If you’re selling more than 6 cars a year, you’ll have to register as a vehicle trader.

Selling guide | 2 min read
Car dealer listing packages

If you're listing more than 10 vehicles a month, our dealer listing packages will give you access to lots of benefits.