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Could you be considered a car dealer?

If you’re selling more than 6 cars a year, you’ll have to register as a vehicle trader.

If you’re selling more than 6 cars a year, you’ll have to register as a vehicle trader. A different set of rules apply for vehicle traders than for private sellers. You’ll have to pay a fee to become a registered Motor Vehicle Trader and renew this registration each year.

To keep things fair for everyone, there are a number of steps in place to check that all sales are from legitimate owners and traders. As a registered trader, you’ll be subject to the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 and legally have to meet a number of obligations.

What can Trade Me Check

NZTA gives Trade Me access to the Motor Vehicle Register (the national vehicle ownership database) to reduce the risk of fraud. This means we can check if sellers legitimately own the cars they list for sale. This database allows us to check if unregistered traders sell more than 6 vehicles per year. Suspected unlicensed traders are reported to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

How to register as a dealer

Check out the Government’s Motor Traders website to find out if you should be a registered Motor Vehicle Trader. If you are considered a trader, registering is easy – you can register online. The Motor Vehicle Traders Register offers an MVT Calculator – it details all the criteria and will ask you a few questions. If you’re unsure whether you could be considered an MVT, use this simple tool. It will walk you through the registering process.

Now that you feel confident in your personal car seller status, it’s a good time to move on to the specifics of choosing the right package for listing your vehicle. Check out the options available for creating your car listing on Trade Me.

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