Selling guide

What’s a car sale receipt?

A car sale receipt is a great way to protect both you and the buyer should any future problems arise.

A car sale receipt is a document that gives you a record of the private sale of your car. Once you’ve been paid for your car, both buyer and seller need to fill it out. It’s a great way to protect you both should any future problems arise – it will also give you some security.

The receipt will include:

  • vehicle details (including comments of any damage)
  • buyer details
  • seller details
  • acknowledgement

What am I agreeing to?

Once you’ve filled out the details, you both need to sign the document. The acknowledgment section verifies the price you sold your car for and will confirm that:

  • There are no fines or fees owing on the car.
  • You’re the legal owner and empowered to sell it.
  • There’s no security or money owing to a third party (or it has been paid off).

To make it easier for you, download our template version and all you need to do is fill it out! Easy as that and, once you get paid, your sale is complete.