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10 essential photos for selling my car quickly

Once you’ve given your car a good wash – inside and out – you’re ready to take some photos.

Once you’ve given your car a good wash – inside and out – you’re ready to take some photos. You don’t need a fancy camera or any experience taking pictures, a basic phone camera and a couple of good angles will make all the difference in the speed of your car sale.

First off, decide on a location with a plain background – you don’t want anything to distract from the car. Once there, try taking these shots:

  • Front – stand directly in front of your car.
  • Rear – stand directly behind.
  • Profile – photograph the side of the car and include all side panelling and tyres.
  • Engine – hood of the car open, engine displayed.
  • Boot – show the back of the car with the boot open.
  • Dash – sit in the rear seat and face forward to photograph the front interior.
  • Front seats – photograph the interior through an open window or door.
  • Rear seats – photograph rear seats from an open door or window.
  • Tyres – close up of the tyres and trims.
  • Steering wheel – a clear and straight on view of the steering wheel.

Other photos you may want to include:

  • Any scrapes or dents.
  • Images of paperwork.
  • Any cool or outstanding features.
  • Headlights.
  • Speedometer.

The more photos you include, the better. Buyers are more likely to make an offer on a car they’ve had a really good look at.

Good photos sell cars

The photos you take will be the main feature of your listing. Remember, the more photos the better – you want the buyer to get a comprehensive view of your car. Use these additional handy photo tips to make sure you’re doing your car justice:

    • Remember to take photos in front of a clean, neutral background – this will make your car pop!
    • Golden hour – photos taken just before sunrise or sunset will avoid harsh shadows.
    • Snap your photos at the same height as the car – not too high or low.
    • Avoid cutting parts of the car off – this can distort the shape and look of your car.

    If you find yourself needing a dash of inspiration, download our car selling photo tips for all the photo tips and information you could need. Once your car is clean and its photos are taken, you’ll need to write a listing description – but don’t worry, we’re here to help with that too.