Landlords advice

Tips for those looking to invest in property or understand their rights and responsibilities as a landlord.

Managing your rental property

Learn the ins and outs of tenancy law, self-management, tenant correspondence, and everything in between.

Selling guide | 3 min read
Guide to listing your rental property on Trade Me

Finding the right place to advertise your property for rent is crucial to success.

Feature article | 4 min read
How much rent to charge for your property

A guide to setting a fair and competitive rental price on your property.

Feature article | 2 min read
Trade Me Renti partnership cuts through admin for landlords

A streamlined tenant application process for private landlords.

Managing your relationship with tenants

Being a landlord comes with significant responsibilities, as well as rights. Learn how to maintain a positive, constructive relationship with your tenants.

Selling guide | 4 min read
Avoiding legal troubles: 6 actions landlords must avoid

Being a good landlord means taking your responsibilities seriously.

7 May 2024

Selling guide | 3 min read
How to choose the right tenants for your rental property

There’s an art to selecting the right tenant.

7 May 2024

Selling guide | 2 min read
Mastering tenant selection: a landlord's guide to getting it right

Get this key decision right.

7 May 2024