Trade Me and the enviroment

Trade Me helps Kiwis buy, sell and reuse over 6 million used items every year, reducing waste and helping the environment. Here are some other things we're doing, and some ideas for what you can do.

What we are doing

Kevin planting a tree

We are carbon neutral

Trade Me has become carbon neutral. This means we measure our carbon emissions, are committed to reducing our emissions and offset what we can't reduce.

Supporting reuse and recycling

Six million used items are sold each year on Trade Me. We also recycle at the office, and support PC recycling through e-Day.

Supporting local wildlife

Trade Me is a Business Goes Bush supporter of Zealandia, Wellington's wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary provides a protected area for endangered
native birds and other wildlife.

Supporting carbon trading

Trade Me launched New Zealand's first public carbon trading marketplace. It enables people to invest in projects to reduce emissions, that may not otherwise happen.

Fuel efficiency information for new cars

We publish fuel efficiency information for new cars, so you can consider the environmental and fuel costs of cars before you buy.

What you can do

Reduce, reuse and recycle, and minimise your environmental footprint.

Reuse and recycle

  • Consider buying second-hand - it saves you money and reduces waste
  • Resell items that are in good condition
  • Recycle glass, plastics, paper & cardboard
  • When sending goods, reuse packaging or wrap items in old newspaper
  • Recycle old batteries, mobile phones, computer equipment and lamps
  • When disposing of old engine oil, paints and chemicals, contact your local council

Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Walk, cycle, or take public transport
  • Choose energy efficient products, and switch them off when not in use
  • Use your PC's powersave settings