The goods or service were different than described (change topic)

If the item you receive is significantly different to the item described in the listing (remember to read it carefully), or the service provided was different to what was agreed, we recommend you contact the seller.

Most sellers will do their utmost to try and resolve any issues. They may offer you a refund or a replacement item.

If you are unable to resolve the situation by communicating with the seller, then we recommend you file a dispute with the Disputes Tribunal. This costs between $45 to $180, depending on the value of your claim.

For more information on the Disputes Tribunal please read the Ministry of Justice website or the Consumers' Institute report.

If you have received negative feedback from a seller and are certain that you have taken all of the above steps to resolve the trading issues, then you are welcome to dispute the feedback with us. Please note that we are only able to take action in line with our feedback policy and Code of Conduct.

Use the button below to report the seller for shipping goods different than described.

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