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Moving Checklist

One month
Give notice to your current landlord.
Ask your friends for help on moving day. Be especially nice to friends or relatives with vans or trailers.
Make a reservation with a moving company if you'll be using one.
Start collecting boxes - supermarkets and liquor stores are good sources.
Three weeks
Fill out a change of address form with NZ Post
Let your power, gas, and phone companies know when you'll be moving out, and give them your new address for the final bill.
Let your insurance company know your new address and check if your belongings are covered during the move.
Reserve a truck, van or trailer if you'll be using one.
Arrange storage for the things that won't fit into your new place.
Sell the things that you no longer want on
Two weeks
Touch base with the friends who are helping you on moving day.
Dig out the original boxes for your stereo, computer, TV, etc (if you have kept them)
Continue collecting boxes and packing.
Figure out how you're going to move your pets.
Do anything that isn't ticked off from last week.
One week
Repair any damage to the flat you (or your friends) are responsible for
Pack everything - except the things that you really can't live without.
Confirm moving plans with the people helping you move, the hire place, or the moving company.
Let everybody who sends you mail know your new address.
Do anything from the last week that hasn't been ticked off.
Two days
Contact the newspaper to get your subscription transferred.
If you're moving a computer, make a backup of your important files - just in case.
One day before
De-frost and clean your fridge and freezer. Clean your stove.
Begin cleaning - but don't clean the floors until you're all moved out.
Leave a forwarding address with your landlord & new tenants in case they need to forward your mail.
Moving day
Pack those last few items.
Take your stuff to your new place.
Finish cleaning your old place. Remember, if it's not clean when you leave, the landlord can get it commercially cleaned and take the cost out of your bond.
Do a final walk-through of your old place. Check wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, etc. Turn off the lights and lock all the doors and windows.
Return all keys or security cards to the landlord.
Buy dinner for the friends who helped you move.
Catch some well-deserved sleep at your new place!