Using the Internet safely starts with protecting your PC from nasties.

Keeping your PC healthy

This section outlines some of the things you can do to stay safe.

Stopping viruses
Up-to-date virus software is a must. Learn how to stay safe.

Protection from Spyware
Detect and remove unwanted software on your PC.

Get a personal firewall
Stop hackers connecting to your computer when you are online.

Keeping your browser and computer up-to-date
The latest software contains the latest security updates and offers the best protection.

Selling your PC
Learn how to erase all your personal files from your PC before you sell it.

Safe online behaviour

Phishing emails & spoof websites
Tell the difference between legitimate and spoof emails and websites.

Keep passwords safe
Your passwords are your keys, so keep them safe.

Stopping Spam
Learn how to stop this annoying problem.

Dangers of Internet cafes and shared computers

Keeping your children safe on the Internet

Visit NetSafe for cybersafety and security advice for New Zealand.