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Creating a great listing
  1. 1. Title.

    Use a descriptive title with relevant keywords to help your item to be easily found.
  2. 2. Price.

    Search Trade Me to see what similar items are selling for. You can also sell the item at a fixed price, called Buy Now.
  3. 3. Good photographs.

    Provide good quality, well lit photos of the actual item. You can upload several photos. Learn more
  4. 4. Description.

    The more details you provide, the better. Include the brand & model, age, condition and features.
  5. 5. Finishing time.

    Set your auction to finish at a convenient time for potential buyers.
  6. 6. Shipping.

    Include shipping costs. Buyers prefer to know up-front what the shipping costs will be.
  7. 7. Payment.

    Most people accept payment via bank deposit or card on our payment systems Ping or Pay Now.
  8. 8. Promotional extras.

    Gallery listing show a small photo of your item in search results and get up to 80% more bids.

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