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PLEASE NOTE; At the "CLOSE OF OUR AUCTIONS" you will be sent an email from TradeMe containing "PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS", you will also find a copy on TradeMe if you click on the link "Items I Won". The "Payment Instructions" email containes "OUR CONTACT DETAILS". If you have difficulty with your email not reaching us there is a 2nd email address, phone number and our physical address. PLEASE.... use the "DELIVERY ADDRESS" option so we can pack, address and post your purchase in a timely manor. If the buyer believes our description of goods is incorrect or misleading we offer a full refund policy. Thankyou
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TradeMe "Purchasers & Sellers" put yourselves in your prospective "Purchasers or Sellers" "shoes" and treat them as you would wish them to treat you, help make everyone's TradeMe experience a pleasant enjoyable one.

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