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I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work or price of the quote. Don even re-seeded my lawn at the end of the job, which I didn’t expect. 
hamster757 (19 19 positive feedback)   2:27 pm, Sun 20 Jan Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
Don and the lads did a great job of my garden edging. Provided helpful advice. Efficient and quick service. Thanks guys. 
lychris (120 120 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018   2:36 pm, Fri 07 Jul Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
Don & his team did a great job with our kerbing, very easy to deal with. Would recommend to anyone planning to kerb driveway etc. 
october16 (74 74 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019   7:59 pm, Mon 20 Mar Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
are you interested in buying the number plate kerbie. 
snarls (159 159 positive feedback)   7:36 pm, Wed 10 Dec Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
We are very pleased with the work that Don and his team did on the kerbing, BBQ area, down to the pebbles laid along the pathway of our house. Very professional, reliable, friendly and very competitive in price. We totally recommend. 
mike2109 (174 174 positive feedback)   9:34 am, Thu 25 Sep Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
Don Edgecombe: Thanks Mike, a pleasure doing the work for you.
Don and his team are amazing. Did a fantastic job, very clean and tidy AND RELIABLE. Use these guys, you will be very happy... 
londoner2 (301 301 positive feedback)   1:49 pm, Thu 29 Aug Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
Don took our untidy rocky driveway and has made it look fantastic. Conc edging, peebled surface, helped with some pavers etc etc. Don gave a lump sum very competitive quote, worked around our needs and was professional and freindly throughout. I strongley recommend them to anyone. 
bellaw (72 72 positive feedback)   9:36 pm, Thu 21 Jul Service: Kerbing - Irrigation - Landscaping - Fencing
Don was fantastic, He came out and measured me up for a sprinkler system, Then saved me money by working out a more economical way of doing it. First class!! Thanks Don. 
lisaandolly (968 968 positive feedback)   3:14 pm, Sun 06 Feb Service: Kerbing, Irrigation and Landscaping
Don Edgecombe: Thanks Craig, great doing business with you and glad we could give you an economical option without compromising quality.