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Very good product and very good to deal with and gives that bit extra to do the job. 
fleet11 (40 40 positive feedback)   7:53 pm, Wed 12 Oct Service: portable sawmilling / timber sales
A nice guy, good to deal with. 
bowhunter (180 180 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018   6:11 pm, Tue 19 Jul Service: portable sawmilling / timber sales
Good Advice will trade in the future 
propertymaster1 (278 278 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018   12:00 pm, Fri 08 Apr Service: portable sawmilling / timber sales
Heinz is a nice person and if you have your own trees to mill I'm sure he would be be a good guy to deal with.However I was very disappointed with the quality of timber that we purchased as a bulk lot, pieces with bark edges, twists, cracks all mixed through and milled from trees that really were too young to be milled so containing a lot of sapwood.Really inferior quality of product, once the rejects are sorted out, not a good deal at all.The old adage very much applies""Buyer Beware!" 
elas (916 916 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019   3:58 pm, Tue 07 Jul Service: portable sawmilling / timber sales
Heinz Vullings: You bought a bulk lot of Douglas Fir at heavily discounted rates and you already sold some on TM for nearly double the price. You also had a look at the timber before dispatch and seemed to be happy with it. Since this lot was 'cut of log', you have to realize there is a small percentage of reject and lower grade. The lot was also 1/2 m3 more than you paid for. As for the sapwood, it is perfectly acceptable for use in all internal applications, i.e. framing, roofing, sarking, beams etc.