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100% satisfaction. Alex was awesome right from the initial phone call to arrange the appointment through to conclusion. Good balance of being professional and doing what the client wanted. Attention to detail like wiping smudges off the windshield and tidying up after him. Faultless operator. Don't shop around to try and save $20 or so. FYI he installed a product that I sourced myself. Car: 2010 Mercedes E class W212. Time: 1 hour. Remuera. Thanks Alex 
absxxl (199 199 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019   1:09 pm, Wed 20 Jun Service: Professional DASH CAM Solutions and INSTALLATION
The product is great and the service is excellent all the way from product intro to installation to training. I would highly recommend Alex if anyone is even considering installing dash cams. 
Many thanks, Alex. Very professional! 
This guy knows his stuff, very professional really got me the Dashcam for my needs and my vehicle. well presented, quality installation process, cant speak too highly of Alex. 
Professional advice and excellent service. Definitely recommend to friends 
joeb2 (57 57 positive feedback)   8:33 pm, Mon 04 Sep Service: Professional DASH CAM Solutions and INSTALLATION
I went online and chatted with Alex through his “easy to use website”, ordered the Blackvue DR650S-2CH + Cellink Battery B + 128GB microSD card as well. He was professional and quick to send me a quote. Alex arrived Saturday at me home with all the components still wrapped in their origin al wrapping and started working to install the camera.He handy work is professional and he took great care with my car while installing the system. I can defiantly recommend him 5 Star service Thank you AleX 
dschnetler (12 12 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019   11:00 am, Mon 21 Aug Service: Professional DASH CAM Solutions and INSTALLATION
Top-notch service and product. I ordered a Blackvue 2CH dash from Alex and he brought the unit unopened, (plastic wrap was still intact). Professionally installed the cam while we were having a great chat. Not very pricey as well as compared to other installers. I'll be getting another one from him as soon as we have sorted the other car. Available on weekends as well which is very convenient for full timers. Cheers! 
tats11 (0 0 positive feedback)   12:51 pm, Sat 12 Aug Service: Professional DASH CAM Solutions and INSTALLATION
Thank you very much for easy and friendly service. Complete perfection and highly dedicated. I have bought BlackVue DR650S-2CH 16GB Dash Cam Recorder 499.00 $ + BlackVue Power Magic Pro Power Management Device 58.00 $ and Fitting $175. I feel, worth every penny i have spent. Thanking you, Alex. 
Had a BlackVue front & rear camera installed this morning. Alex did such a good job fitting & wiring it to my car that it feels like the cameras have been part of the car since it came out of the factory. I cannot recommend DriverCam more highly. If you are in the market for a professional grade dashcam installation, give them a call. 
Excellent service from Alex. We had dash cams installed into two expensive cars and Alex was incredibly professional throughout. We can hghly recommend Alex's work as well as the dashcams bought from him. Wouldn't hesitate in using him again. Many thanks. 
Very good service, contacted Alex mid week and a couple of days later the camera was supplied . Highly recommend and will be back to purchase more cameras many thanks Adrian 
mrs67 (713 713 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2018   8:47 pm, Tue 04 Apr Service: Professional Dash Cam Installation and Solutions
Many thanks, Alex, for a very good install. Will be calling again in the future. 
bigmwkd (692 692 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019   1:29 pm, Wed 01 Mar Service: Professional Dash Cam Solutions and Installation
Alex is an expert in Dash cameras and knows what is doing. Friendly and excellent customer service. I recently installed a Dash camera and will get 2x other cars installed. See you soon! Highly recommended and reasonable price. I would not let anyone install a Dash Camera except for Alex. Regards Charly 
cbaik (48 48 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019   4:01 pm, Mon 27 Feb Service: Professional Dash Cam Solutions and Installation
Excellent service! Responded during Christmas New Year period! Installation to my near new car was perfect! I highly recommend Alex. Five star plus 
ar6 (12 12 positive feedback)   8:46 pm, Sun 08 Jan Service: Professional Dash Cam Solutions and Installation
Fantastic service. Alex was prompt and efficient. Had a brand new car and he installed the dash cam professionally and efficiently. Highly recommended 
Very good service, called Alex Friday afternoon and a couple of hours later the camera was installed. Highly recommend and will be back. 
agross (228 228 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018   6:25 am, Fri 22 Jul Service: Professional Dash Cam Solutions and Installation
Great service! Excellent communication, Alex thoroughly explained everything we wanted to know about the dash cam and installed the unit perfectly. Thank you Alex big time, love the camera. 
aphel (112 112 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018   10:11 am, Wed 13 Jul Service: Professional Dash Cam Solutions and Installation