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They fitted my reverse camera on time and on budget..very good service! 
akgaragesale (525 525 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019   2:23 pm, Fri 22 Sep Service: Best Car Audio Installation Auckland
A+++++ all good by me top traders Thank you. 
nicework (215 215 positive feedback)   3:16 pm, Mon 08 May Service: Best Car Audio Installation Auckland
I had my reversing camera and Bluetooth stereo installed by Best Car Audio. They were excellent and willing to go an extra mile with their service. They attended after their business hours under go the installation and even went out out of their way to get me a trim kit. Everything was done that day. The camera and stereo is working perfectly. I will go back to get other things done. Highly recommended to everyone. Thank you so much! 
larsandonchie (307 307 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019   9:34 am, Thu 31 Dec Service: Best Car Audio Installation Auckland
Pepsi: thanks , done
hi can you send start disc dvd cd, replace jap nav system or update/ my car dvd/,please insert correct map disc ,on front screen / nddn w 56 76031 nodel 08545-00p81 + price cheers 
ccccp64 (112 112 positive feedback)   5:16 pm, Tue 11 Mar Service: UK or Japan Navigation Conversion to NZ maps
Great guy who knows his stuff, if you need to replace your Jap nav system or update it talk to this guy :-) 
nathanp (1820 1820 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2020   8:44 pm, Wed 04 Dec Service: UK or Japan Navigation Conversion to NZ maps
Rubbish never bothered to answer emails sent to him. Went else where. 
terry2500 (66 66 positive feedback)   4:43 pm, Wed 06 Nov Service: UK or Japan Navigation Conversion to NZ maps
Pepsi: i replied back you, please check your junk mail box
Fast and made it all easy thanks! 
Thank great installer very helpfull 
andym62 (198 198 positive feedback)   10:02 pm, Sat 01 Jun Service: Mobile Service Auto-electrical, stereos & alarms
Installed our customers TRAMIGO T22 Vehicle GPS Tracking device for a client in a hurry on a Saturday and did an extremely professional job. Can thoroughly recommend and he is now an Authorised Installer for Tramigo NZTRS. 
nztrs (5 5 positive feedback)   8:38 pm, Tue 19 Mar Service: Mobile Service Auto-electrical, stereos & alarms
The guy was friendly and helpful. Removed my dvd head unit professionally in no time at all. Highly Recommend. Will deff consider coming back. Regards. Alex 
Pepsi: cheers mate
Awesome job just had my stereo installed really cheap & quick. Nice fulla too thanks & highly recommend! 
Pepsi: cheers mate
Realli helpful person , friendly service and nice and fast in action , get the job done in no time, and also easier to conatct with his afforable prize. Really perfect service. Thank you. :) 
vaika22 (157 157 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018   3:18 pm, Sat 29 Dec Service: Mobile Service Auto-electrical, stereos & alarms
Pepsi: cheers mate
Awesome job installing/wiring my stereo, sub, amp and speakers. Great guy to deal with and shows all the work he does afterwards. Cares about his customers satisfaction & does an all around AWESOME job! Highly Reccommended!!!! A+++ job bro! 
Pepsi: cheers mate
Awesome job.. Installed a double din with gps and reversing camera... even got the steering wheel controls to work... great job ... and great service and makes complicated intalls look easy 
Pepsi: thanks mate
Super job, super quick! Really easy to contact and set up an appointment, and an excellent job done! 
Pepsi: thanks mate
Hi,Its Afta here,thanx for the car alarm.U did a great job,friendly guy...All the best..cheers 
aftaar (48 48 positive feedback)   11:04 pm, Mon 12 Nov Service: Mobile Service Auto-electrical, stereos & alarms
Pepsi: thanks mate
Excellent service, great price, very good communication. Work was fast, efficient and tidy. Thoroughly recommended! 
pawan88 (148 148 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019   6:58 pm, Mon 29 Oct Service: Mobile Service Auto-electrical, stereos & alarms
Pepsi: thanks mate