Our technology

We are scalable & flexible

Our infrastructure is designed to provide the most scalable and flexible environment possible. We operate out of two data centres, and have a platform that allows us to easily move load between these two sites. This provides a redundant infrastructure, and allows the majority of maintenance to be done during the day, without impacting our sites.

Distributed database architecture

We run a distributed database architecture, allowing us to share the massive amounts of transactions over numerous servers and database instances.

We are predominantly a Microsoft shop, but we also use Linux for some applications. Our core database servers are clustered, providing even further redundancy.

F5 & Cisco network

Our network is a mix of F5 and Cisco (and cables), handling oodles of traffic and connections. On any given day we can send as much as 4TB of data out to the Internet and send over 2 million emails.

Commodity blade hardware for web server platform

Our web server platform is based on commodity blade hardware allowing us to scale out quickly and affordably. Our network platform balances all load equally over our web servers at both data centres. Our image servers hold up to 60 million live images at any given time. These images are heavily requested and we serve them from memory using a product called Varnish, running on commodity hardware..

C# and VB.NET for site development

New code is written in C# although we have a bunch of VB.Net kicking around. We like to use the best tool for the job though, and have things like Redis, SignalR, Backbone, Knockout and others in our toolkit.

Mobile is on the rise

Mobile has become a big part of the Trade Me business. We have a strong focus on developing mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. We also have a dedicated touch-optimised version of Trade Me for all other mobile devices.

For more info on our available apps head to the Mobile page