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Youth Hub and entry level job positions

What is Youth Hub?

Youth Hub is an online platform which connects young people to educators, service providers and businesses which support them as they move from education to employment.

Why are we partnering with Youth Hub?

Youth Hub provide a platform for young people as they transition into their first jobs. We care about our community, and view this is a great opportunity to get involved and help expose young people to as many relevant job opportunities as possible.

Where will my listing be displayed?

If you tag your job as 'Entry level' it will also feature on Youth Hub’s platform.

How can I opt out?

If you do not want your listing displayed on Youth Hub, make sure 'Entry level' is not selected for your listing.

What happens when I update or remove my listing from Trade Me?

Any change you make to your listing on Trade Me will also update on Youth Hub. Your listing content will be checked and updated (when applicable) automatically every hour by Youth Hub.

Want further assistance?

  • Our 0900 support line is currently unavailable but we've still got our internet connection so flick us an email if you need our help!
  • Email us your questionWe aim to respond within 3-5 days.