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'Good for 2 relists' FAQ

‘Good for 2 relists’ lets you make the most of any of our promotional extras, like Gallery or Super Feature.

When choosing your promotional extra you can also purchase ‘Good for 2 relists’. If you need to relist, you’ll get that promotional extra up to two more times on the same listing (without having to pay for it again).

Why would I want  to use it?

Good for 2 relists’ increases the value you get from your promotional extra and the chances of selling your listing if you need to relist.*

*Based on sell through rate of relists between 1 Jan 2018–1 April 2018

How do I get it?

‘Good for 2 relists’ is available for selected sellers on our desktop site in the ‘Extras’ section of the listing process.

How do I use it?

  1. List a general item as normal
  2. In the ‘Extras’ section choose a promotional extra like Gallery or Super Feature
  3. A checkbox will appear with the label ‘Good for 2 relists’
  4. Select the checkbox and then continue the process and complete your listing.

If your item doesn’t sell first time you can relist it up to two more times using the same promotional extra.*

*Covers promotional extras only, does not include other add ons such as subtitle or listing in a second category.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for ‘Good for 2 relists’ varies depending on the type of promotional extra you are using and the category of your listing.

Why can’t I see ‘Good for 2 relists'?

We’re currently testing ‘Good for 2 relists’ with selected members, so not all members will be able to see the product. It is also only available to purchase through our desktop site, but once your listing is up and running you can relist on any device and use the same promotional extra up to two more times.

If my item sells first time can I get a refund or transfer the premium to another listing?

No, you will not be eligible for a refund and it is non-transferable. Your purchase is only eligible for relists on the original listing.

If I upgrade my promotional package will I get a refund?

No, you will not be eligible for a refund and the purchase is non-transferable from the original premium.

Does my item automatically relist when the listing closes?

No, you still need to manually relist the item. If you’ve purchased ‘Good for 2 relists’ you can relist up to two more times using the same promotional extra.

As a Top Seller do I get a discount on ‘Good for 2 relists’?

No, since this product is an extended discount to premiums there are no further reductions for Top Sellers. You will still receive a discount on the amount you pay for the promotional extra itself, but not for ‘Good for 2 relists’.

Does it work for MQLs (Multi Quantity Listings)?

No, you can not add ‘Good for 2 relists’ to MQLs as you are already getting full value from your original premium purchase across all options available in the single listing. ‘Good for 2 relists’ is also not available on My Products.

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