Apple On Lighthouse

About the store

My colleagues Andy, Floyd, Marno, Matt and Peter and I work fulltime from our shop - we sell and service Macbook, Macbook Airs and Macbook Pro's mainly but also Imacs, Ipads, Iphones and other Mac gear. We do NOT offer software support sorry, that's not our thing :) 

Most of our Iphone repairs are same day service! 

Mac repairs and upgrades are our speciality with the best prices in NZ, both to private customers as well as insurance companies.   No, we’re not an authorised Apple store, and trust me, that’s a good thing.  Means we can fix things for a fraction of the price!

We have a huge range of Macbook pro parts, especially ANYTHING at all for 13" Macbook pro's, except for logic boards.  

I pride myself on having great dealings with people and making sure that you, the customer, is happy with what you have got from me.  

I joined Trade Me WAY BACK in 1999, and in the last few years we have grown massively and are now in our new premises in Ahuriri, Napier.  We were able to join the TradeMe TopSeller program some years ago, and now we are a STORE, guaranteeing you, the customer service and satisfaction quite a bit above your average TradeMe seller!!

There are few people with my feedback on trade me at all, and to still have ZERO negative feedbacks after 5000 trades (and we are not talking $10 trades) has meant really putting in the hard work - not everything goes perfectly all the time, but it's how you sort it out that you get judged on! 

I provide what I believe to be an excellent service, and compared to some Mac service agents on trade me my prices are VERY competitive to say the least.. 
When you’re in Napier, pop in and see us, we love seeing our customers from other parts of New Zealand!