About the store

We manufacture Purefx premium Massage and Body Balms to Therapists and Health Professionals world-wide, as well as supplying numerous other related quality products.
Our massage oils, balms and creams are easy to handle and cover a broad spectrum of uses, from relaxing or deep tissue bodywork to bug repellent, and most things in between. 
We pride ourselves on providing high quality and versatile products including massage tables, chairs, table top options and massage tools, as well as a large range of Aromatherapy Essential Oils and accessories, all at competitive prices. 
Our range of goods incorporate DVD’s and books for customers interested in learning more about a variety of subjects, including Massage, Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology, and many derivatives of each.
If you are more into your crafts, you will find all the essential ingredients and supplies for creating your own soaps, candles, bath bombs and cosmetics for your own enjoyment or gifts for others.
With a selection of healing/chakra stones and jewellery available, we believe we have you covered.
We invite you to browse our therapeutic range of products and enjoy the benefits our selection and prices have to offer.