About the store

Who are we?

We are a family-run cabinet manufacturing business with a passion for helping you build beautiful, affordable homes.

Cabjaks was founded in 2011 by Steven & Carolyn Phillips. Together, we have worked in the industry for over 30 years.

We understand the importance of value-for-money products and have designed our business to bring you high quality cabinetry at a value price. We achieve this through our streamlined and efficient factory, based in Auckland, and our easy to use online shop ordering service.

Why choose Cabjaks?

We specialise in the supply of small, simple kitchens, free-standing kitchenettes, laminate benchtops and wardrobes, at very competitive prices.

Cabjaks’ extensive range of products is flexibly designed to suit all room shapes and settings.

We make it easy and simple for you – our cabinets come fully assembled. No flat-packs and hours spent battling to put them together! This also means less packaging and waste for you to dispose of, so the environment benefits too!

Modern manufacturing has three parts – the product design, the machinery and the efficient assembly process. Our entire range is built using mass customisation principles – a variety of designs can be produced from a small number of components.
Cabjaks is a leading-edge cabinet manufacturer – we were proudly the first company in New Zealand to adopt this means of production, which originated in Europe.