Canvas Jack's

About the store

Canvas Jack’s supplies top-quality, functional clothing for any situation at one convenient online location. Find everything you need to stay warm during hard winters or stay protected through the summer woods.  Canvas Jack’s strives to fulfill all your apparel needs and supplies a complete array of clothing and accessories to keep you comfortable no matter where you go.
Choose from exceptional outerwear and apparel brands such as Carhartt, Gildan, A4, Adidas, Dickies, and many more to help you find your ideal addition.  Canvas Jack’s stocks dozens of durable men’s and women’s jackets to suit you in any season, and hundreds of other items for complete protection and any ocasion.  In addition to a long list of popular and affordable outerwear and clothing selections, Canvas Jack’s also strives to maintain optimal customer service and create a “face-to-face” experience with the convenience of an online store. 
We are a family owned business that believes in creating a "face to face" experience via our online storefront.
Search by category to find seasonal apparel, casual clothing, working outerwear and more.  Call or email to learn more about any product or learn more about us.