Deals Direct


Payment instructions are sent to winning bidders automatically by trademe, payments to be made within 3 days of auction close unless you want to put in on layby. Please include the trademe reference number on your payment as reference. If not, our system cannot pick up your order. We have no responsibility for the delay of shipping.
Payment will be processed when we have received all relevant information required for processing to be completed. The processing of payment for orders placed on a weekend or a Public holiday will not process until the next working day.

Deals Direct accepts payment through Credit cards such as Visa and Master cards through Trademe Pay Now, Bank transfer. All the prices stated on Trademe website are based on New Zealand Dollar and G.S.T Inclusive.
For Bank Transfer:
Account Number: 12-3014-0105149-00
We offer a 3 Month Layby on orders over $100.00 only on buy now auctions with a minimum deposit of only 20% required with the reminder to be paid off over a 3 month period with regular weekly payments, cancellation fees apply if not completed or cancelled