About the store

If you love LEGO, then this is the store for you! What started as a hobby some 35 years ago has become a fabulous obsession... as a child I NEVER had enough LEGO to complete a decent house, and always told myself that when I was older I would have enough to make a mansion! And when it got to the point that I could build a full sized 3 bedroom house with ensuite and garage attached that my entire family could live in - I realised it was time to start moving some of my LEGO to new owners... hence our Trademe store.

You won’t be disappointed buying from us - our preloved Lego is in great condition - it’s not horribly discoloured, broken, chewed or abused. And if we say a set is 100% complete, then we stand behind that claim! In the unlikely event that a piece is missing from a set, or something has slipped past our strict quality control, then a simple email from you will have it sorted immediately... customer satisfaction is vital to us as you can see by our feedback! 

As well as our excellent preloved LEGO sets, we also sell a range of new LEGO products - and specialise in Minifigures and LEGO products which are not available in shops here in NZ. We are adding new products constantly, so please choose us as FAVOURITE sellers, and then you will be emailed our latest listings each day.