Mac Addict

About the store

MAC ADDICT (Byte In Bite Pty Ltd. ABN: 22 612 996 120) was born in Melbourne, Australia out of the passion of a couple of Apple enthusiasts. Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod are phenomenal products that have changed the way we live. But when all sorts of third party Apple and Mac accessories and peripherals saturated the market, we found it hard for ourselves to choose premium Mac accessories that compliment our own Apple devices. So the need became a hobby, and the hobby turned into a business – a business that is BY APPLE USERS, FOR APPLE USERS. That's right - we are a part of the community, not some massive tech superstore that stocks and discounts everything but never cares to learn what this community deserves.

Like Apple itself, we see ourselves different from others. We follow a vision powered by passion, not a path already taken by many. We see you not only as valued customers, but also peer users with whom we may bond and shake hands. This is why we only deal with the absolute top-notch brands in the industry and offer you nothing but the products we truly appreciate.