What is a Custom Fit Car Seat Cover?
Custom fit covers are made using a specific pattern for your vehicle. Our specialised pattern makers have physically gone out and measured the car seat and then made a seat cover that has been tested on the specific vehicle to make sure it is an exact fit.
Are your seat covers airbag compatible?
We manufacture all of our custom-made seat covers using a breakaway special thread and controlled manufacture method so as in the event of an accident, the airbag will deploy with no hinderance or obstruction from the seat cover. Completely ADR Airbag Compatible (LTNZ Safety Standards Approved)
How do I fit my Car Seat Covers?
Fitting instructions are included with the seat covers as well as a number to call if you have any problems.
What is the warranty on this product? And What does this cover?
The warranty varies by fabric and you can see the details against each specific fabric. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects.