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ASB Bank
Account Number:
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Payment Methods:

Internet Transfer / Bank Deposit / Cash / Paynow / Credit Card / Paypal / American Express / Diners Club / Q Card / Farmers Card.

Please contact with us within 3 days after the auction, and payment be made within 5 business days after the auction, unless otherwise agreed.

When you make payment please use both the auction number and your TradeMe ID as the reference. If the reference is incorrect or missing, it can cause delays to the transaction since we won’t know who made the payment.

Lay-by Payment:

If you would like to Lay-by our products we can email you the contract and terms and conditions.
There is no minimum purchase amount required. A Lay-by order can take place with a 20% deposit. All Layby purchases must be completed within 4 months from date of invoice or all payments will be retained to Scarles with no refund and the contract will be terminated.

Price / Invoice:

All prices are GST inclusive and GST invoices are available on request.