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TSB Living

In 2011 we started off in our garage; we imported a container of furniture and started exploring distribution and sales opportunities after finishing our day job. Since then we have grown to nearly 7000 square meters in warehousing, carrying over 2000 product lines and increasing our importing and manufacturing in excess of 150 containers a year. Today, we supply to some of NZ largest retailers, carry over 5000 pallets of stock and distribute nationwide through our increasing channels.

We are also backed up by suppliers for a large Australian retailer. We have some of our products manufactured under our brand name. We work with several receivership organizations in South East Asia, taking advantage of bulking buying capacity and introducing these into the NZ market.

The trick to our success to date is simple (no different to what other companies claim to have embedded in their corporate culture)

People – Our staff and our customers are key to our success. Happy staff will keep our customer centricity high. Happy customers will come back and recommend us to others.

Product Quality – We have a range of products manufactured in various parts of the world. We try our best to keep up with Innovative models, exciting styles, different product lines and most importantly the best quality to match your spend.

Price – We operate off a distribution warehouse, our showrooms are not grand nor street front, no major marketing campaigns and we have dedicated manufacturers and invest in bulk purchasing. Our products will be of exception value as a result of controlled operational overheads and direct sourcing.