About the store

ZUMA DIRECT is specialised in the purchase and sale of new machines for the construction industry, farms and residential properties.  All machines are high-grade quality designed to tame the land.  Our buyers have years of experience in sourcing and use factories supplying world-renowned brands.
The savings we get from our strong sourcing means we remain competitive to put the savings of dollars back into the pocket of our thankful customers.  Our pricing is why we get so many repeat orders from our customers.
We are as strongly committed as when we started in our supply to Kiwis (via their businesses and for their home) of reliable, trusted and affordable machinery products.  We continue to improve from the voice of our customer with the main objective to find appropriate solutions for our customer’s needs.
It is our intent to continue to deliver on our promise, ‘to tame the land at affordable prices without compromising on quality or performance’.