Is it a good fit?

Buying a bike that doesn't suit you physically will end in tears, so here's a quickie six-point checklist to help fit the machine to the rider:

  • Can you sit on the seat and put both feet on the ground?
  • Can you reach the ground safely with either foot in an emergency stop if the road surface slopes away?
  • Is the bike too heavy for you to feel safe in stop-start traffic?
  • Do you feel confident manoeuvering the bike if the road surface is slippery or uneven?
  • Can you wheel the bike around safely in the driveway or garage?
  • Will you feel safe carrying a pillion passenger, if you intend to, and will that passenger enjoy sitting on the rear seat?

If you're a born-again biker who's spent a decade or more off the roads, bear in mind that bikes have gotten a lot faster and traffic a lot heavier.

Check out Ride Forever for tips on how to spot hazards and keep safe, or try Scooter Survival if you're getting back on a scooter.

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