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Mazda 3 2010 F

The Mazda3 is a practical small hatchback that drives extremely well. It is heavy on fuel.

Honda Integra 2001 Fq

The Honda Integra is a small sports hatch that is a lot of fun to drive. A small back seat makes it best for two.

Nissan Terrano 1997 Fq

The Nissan Terrano is a spacious family off-road vehicle. The powerful diesel engine is loud and the car does not handle well.

Jeep Grandcherokee 2013 Fq

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers space, luxury and off-road ability. Shop carefully because early indications are this model could be trouble.

Volkswagen Passat 2003 Fq

The Volkswagen Passat offers a comfortable drive and premium features at a low price. A poor reputation for reliability makes it a risky buy.

Ford Territory 2014 Fq

The Ford Territory is a large family SUV. The second generation refines what was already a good formula, though some quality issues remain.

Holden Rodeo 2008 Fq

The Holden Rodeo is a durable, work-focused ute with a good load capacity. It is better on the farm than the highway.

Toyota Corolla 2010 Fq

The Toyota Corolla hatchback is one of the most reliable cars you can buy. It is easy to live with, though some competitors are better to drive.

Mazda 6 2005 Fq

The Mazda6 is a practical yet sporty family station wagon. Try to buy models built from 2005 as they offer a lot more than earlier cars.

Mazda Bt50 2013 Fq

The Mazda BT-50 is a large, capable ute with a grunty 3.2-litre engine. It is very similar to the Ford Ranger, although it has never been as popular.

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