• The inspection

    Often the property will have an open home that you can attend. Alternatively you can contact the owner, if a private sale, or the real estate agent to arrange a convenient time to view the property.

    When viewing the property keep in mind those important features that you have determined are must haves to help you decide if the property fits your requirements. Also some things to be aware of include:
    • Sufficient storage
    • Level floors and sound piling
    • Good water pressure
    • Insulation
    • Chattels that are to remain
    • Traffic, aeroplane or industrial noise
    • Noisy or troublesome neighbours
    • House movement (look for cracked window sills or walls)
    • Leaking roof (look for stains on wallpaper or ceilings, check in access space above ceilings and look for rust or light coming through holes in the roofing)
    • Dampness (smell and/or mildew)
    • Heating – what options are available?
    • Electrical wiring – check the meter box for old or worn wiring
    • Security – is there an alarm, safety catches on the windows, etc?
    • Take a walk around the block and get a feel for the neighbourhood
    • Visit the property at different times of the day to determine when the property receives its first and last sun
    Questions that you can ask the seller or real estate agent include:
    • Why are the owners selling?
    • How long has the property been on the market?
    • How much interest has there been in the property?
    • What is the Rateable Valuation?
    • How much are the rates?
    • What have other places nearby sold for?
    • Are there any major development plans for the area?
    • What type of title does the property have?
    • Are there any covenants (restrictions) or easements (rights)?
    • Are there any protection orders over the trees or buildings?
    • Where are the boundaries?
    • Have there been any recent alterations, and if so, do they have consents and certificates?
    Remember a home is a large investment so revisit the property as often as you need to and ask as many questions as required to ensure that you are happy with your decision whether to purchase or not.