• Valuations and reports

    Obtaining a valuation

    Getting a valuation report done by a registered valuer will give you a good feel for the 'market value' of the property, as well as some useful information about the property. Your lender will probably want you to get one completed and could recommend someone.

    For a quick idea of values, check out Quotable Value.

    Builder's Report

    Getting a building consultant's report is always a good idea. It will tell you if there are any potential problems or defects, and how much maintenance work you might have to budget for.

    Your bank or lawyer may have someone they can recommend, or contact the Building Research Association (BRANZ) for information.

    LIM Report

    You can apply for a LIM (Land Information Memorandum) from your local council. To do this you will need to provide a copy of the title of the property. The LIM report will give you the information the council knows about the property, such as flooding, consents, drainage, etc. You should ask your local or regional authority for information about the area and any future plans, such as zoning, building heights, road development, etc.

    Engineer's Report

    You may want to check any structural or land issues, such as a steep or unstable section. Choose a registered engineer, or one belonging to the Institute of Professional Engineers (IPENZ).
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