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Parliament Jobs

Looking to work in the heart of Aotearoa New Zealand’s government? Check out this exciting range of Parliament jobs.

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Parliament Jobs

In Aotearoa New Zealand, Parliament offers a plethora of job opportunities beyond the role of Member of Parliament (MP). The parliamentary ecosystem relies on a diverse array of professionals to ensure its smooth operation. Whether you’re an aspiring public servant, a communications expert, a legal enthusiast, or a policy wonk, there are numerous Parliament jobs available.

One of the most prominent job opportunities within the New Zealand Parliament is that of a Parliamentary Service Employee. These roles encompass a wide range of functions, including research, policy analysis, communications, and administrative support. As a Parliamentary Service Employee, you have the unique privilege of directly impacting the country's political landscape. You may find yourself conducting in-depth research on important issues, providing crucial information to MPs, or even participating in the drafting of legislation.

If you have a knack for clear and effective communication, consider a career in parliamentary communications. Parliament relies on skilled communicators to disseminate information to the public, manage media relations, and handle public affairs. As a communications professional within Parliament, you'll play a vital role in ensuring transparency, disseminating information accurately, and engaging with citizens on critical matters.

Legal enthusiasts will find rewarding job opportunities within Parliament as well. The New Zealand Parliament employs a team of lawyers who provide essential legal advice to MPs and parliamentary staff. These legal experts are instrumental in scrutinising bills, ensuring legal compliance, and advising on parliamentary procedures. If you are passionate about the law and its application in a political context, this could be your ideal career path.

For those with a deep interest in public policy, working in research and policy analysis within Parliament is a fulfilling option. You’ll have the chance to delve into complex issues, analyse data, and provide evidence-based recommendations to MPs. Your insights can directly influence the development of government policies and legislative decisions, making your role pivotal in shaping the nation's future.

Administrative roles within Parliament are also indispensable. Parliament relies on a dedicated team of administrative professionals to ensure its daily operations run smoothly. From managing schedules and logistics to handling financial matters, administrative staff play a crucial role in supporting the functioning of Parliament. Your organisational skills and attention to detail will be highly valued in these roles.

Moreover, if you are technologically inclined, opportunities exist within Parliament's IT and technical departments. These roles involve managing and maintaining the technological infrastructure that enables Parliament to function efficiently. Your expertise in IT and technical support will contribute to the seamless operation of parliamentary processes.

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