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Best practices for data-driven video

Why did we launch a Data-Driven video product?

We have listened to the challenges marketers are facing so are continuing to evolve our products to better serve our advertisers. As a result, we plan to provide new ad formats that are more engaging to the user and ultimately enable to tell your message in innovative and meaningful ways.

In the NZ market, video advertising has increased by 17%¹ over the last year which shows that more and more media buyers and marketers are using video as a medium to engage their consumer. While most of this growth has been through ‘instream’ video, we have developed an ‘out-stream’ product that allows marketers to leverage the power of video combined with the power of data to influence user's brand perception at the point of consideration and intent.

Product overview

Data-driven video helps you to capture the user's attention and stop the user scroll while they are searching for their dream home, new vehicle or product. Appearing in the search stream, you can target consumers with purchase interest and intent, ensuring your message is reaching the right audience at the right time in their user journey. Tell a story about your product or brand through video content and influence the next step in their decision-making process.

Data-informed audience

Video advertising offers marketers a powerful way to connect with customers. Smart user intent-based data signals help you identify relevant audience segments for your video campaign. This data can also help inform your creative and messaging.

Know your audience to keep viewers engaged, understand their interests, their location and device they are viewing.

  • Category targeting within over 400 categories across our verticals 
  • Member demographic targeting 
  • Data persona targeting

The customer journey

Messaging should be relevant to the stage in the customer journey for best engagement. Our data-driven video product plays a valuable part in capturing the users intent at the conversion stage.

Strategies for success


Based on product testing, a viewability of 50% was achieved across 6, 15 and 30-second creatives, an average completion rate of 34% and an average viewing time of 7 seconds. The best performing format was the 6-second clip with a completion rate of 44%.² 


Go beyond clicks to understand true campaign success metrics like conversions. Measure and report on KPIs across the campaign and supply third party tracking URLs. 


  • Engage users during the first 3-4 seconds
  • Ensure content is short and punchy 
  • Put the call to action at the start of the video and ensure this is clear and customised 
  • Make sure the aesthetics of the video are coherent with the landing page and contextually similar 
  • Ensure your videos make sense without sound or subtitles are supplied as part of the specs

Product features

  • The video ad unit appears in-search in the Motors, Property, Jobs position 1 or 2 
  • Targeting to Position 1 will drive optimum performance 
  • For a list of our personas and categories, refer to Our Audiences


Based on our learnings to date, you will have the best success if your video assets include the following:

  • Short-form content - Better View Through Rate with short-form video\
  • Capture attention early - First frames have the biggest impact 
  • Leverage persona targeting - reach those at the right stage of their path to purchase and in the market to buy 
  • Determine KPIs and the action you want the user to take

Video specs

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¹ IAB Advertising Expenditure Report Q1 2019
² Google Active View & Ad Manager reporting metrics