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Customer aroha and brand safety

We have a dedicated team of 35+ actual humans right here in NZ who are solely focused on the protection and safety

By Ivan Fuyala 7 March 2019

Just as great user-generated content lifts up the brands associated with the creators, negative and abusive user-generated content plays a part in degrading an associated brand.

For large global platforms, the focus on automation to drive profit can be a direct trade-off with meaningful content control that AI has failed to fix.

Nasty user-generated content hurts the creators as well as the brands associated with them - no matter what the platform.

Taking care of our community

At Trade Me, we’re also partly reliant on user-generated content. Let’s face it, without the loyal, witty and straight up Trade Me community we wouldn’t have a business.

Since starting in December, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the way we look after our users here at Trade Me. Nothing is taken for granted.

We have a dedicated team of 35+ actual humans right here in New Zealand who are solely focused on the protection and safety of our users. Our Trust and Safety team don’t just monitor nasty comments, they do a host of things to keep our 1.8 million active members, visitors and brands safe.

By championing fraud prevention 365 days a year they are proactively making sure our users are safe. We facilitate an environment to encourage members to use our services in a legal and safe way. And crucially we also investigate if something does go wrong by working closely with authorities, while fiercely guarding our members’ privacy. It’s this type of ethos, or “Customer Aroha”, that has led to Trade Me being voted in the top ten in Ipsos' survey of the most influential brands in NZ for all three years the survey has been running.*

Good Brand + Bad context? = Tarnished Brand

If trust is an attribute that’s important to your brand, it’s crucial that you seek environments which reinforce that philosophy when planning digital campaigns. Trade Me offers massive daily reach in brand-safe environments which are uniquely Kiwi. I often tell my son that he’ll become the average of the five people he spends most time with. To a certain degree, the same can be said for brands. Talk to us about building your brand on Trade Me and raise the average.


Ivan Fuyala
Ivan Fuyala