Careers at Trade Me

Behind the screens with Anna Cupples

Meet Anna, our opera-singing, Ironman, Head of Engineering!

Anna Cupples - Head of Engineering

Anna is one of our three Heads of Engineering, based in Auckland. She joined Trade Me in 2020 after roles at Air New Zealand and Orion Health.

Outside work, Anna has competed as an Ironman Triathlete, sung in an opera chorus, and spent eight years living in California.

Anna leads the engineers in our Classifieds function who are responsible for software development, testing and delivery of Trade Me Property, Jobs and Motors.

Why Trade Me?

“During the interview process, I met some great Trade Me people and was convinced this was a great company to work for and a good career move. I’ve always thought Trade Me would be a cool place to work and it’s exceeded my expectations.”

Best thing about working here

I feel lucky to be in a role that is so varied with a mix of people and technical leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving. Every day, my amazing team helps a huge number of Kiwis interact with our platform.

Favorite Trade Me value?

“If I had to choose one, I’d pick “There’s no “I” in Trade Me”. I’m big on collaboration, hearing different opinions and diversity of thought, and I love that it’s part of Trade Me’s culture.”

Parting words of wisdom

“I’d encourage anyone considering a role in Tech to go for it. Tech is the way of the future! For young women in particular - don’t be put off by stereotypes or be worried you don’t conform to a ‘tech geek’ persona. I don’t fit those stereotypes and I love my job.”