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Learn te reo Māori using Trade Me’s apps

Did you know you can change the language on your Trade Me app to te reo Māori?

7 September 2017

Trade Me’s apps can help you learn te reo Māori.

In 2017, our Trade Me app learned its first words in te reo Māori. There are now over 100 phrases in te reo around key areas of the app, and we'll keep adding more to help Kiwis learn te reo and incorporate more of it into daily life.

How to update your app to te reo Māori

Making the change is easy and it can be easily switched back if you decide it’s not for you.

Update your language on the iOS app

From the Trade Me iOS app, select My Trade Me > Settings (cog) > Language > ‘Māori’ or ‘English & Māori’.

The ‘English & Māori’ option makes this one of the best apps for learning te reo Māori – you can instantly switch between the two languages by swiping down with two fingers.

How to change your Trade Me iOS app to show te reo Māori.

Update your language on the Android app

From our Trade Me Android app, select My Trade Me > Profile & Account > Settings > Language > Māori.

How to change your Trade Me Android app to show te reo Māori.

What to expect once you’ve updated your language settings

Most of the key phrases in our iOS app will show in te reo Māori, and we’ve started to update this in our Android app too. We’ll continue to add more over time!

If you’re learning te reo, consider selecting ‘English & Māori’ to help you navigate around our iOS app – if you get confused or aren’t sure what something means, simply swipe down with two fingers to display English. You can swipe down with two fingers again to instantly switch back to te reo Māori. This feature is currently available only on our iOS app.

How we’ve updated the apps

We aren’t doing any machine translations, instead we’re working with licensed Māori translators and language consultants. This has allowed us to develop a process for building the Māori language content of our apps and assure its quality. We believe this will lead to a more natural integration of the language into our apps.

All the user-generated content (e.g. listing descriptions) is still in English, but we’re looking at ways to also support the use of te reo Māori in user-generated content in the future.

Hear the story of how and why we’ve updated our Trade Me apps to support te reo Māori.

By making this change you show us – the software builders – that this matters to you. The more of us who do this, the louder our collective voice becomes and this will lead to more software supporting te reo Māori.