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Trade Me's Top 10 Listings of 2021

Top Trade Me listings of 2021 revealed: a half-eaten loaf of Vogel’s bread, a cardboard Lamborghini, and a $5 note.

22 December 2021

From a half-eaten loaf of Vogel’s bread to a DIY cardboard Lamborghini, these listings captured the attention and wallets of Kiwi right across Aotearoa. Here's a rundown of the top Trade Me listings that made waves in 2021.

1. Part Loaf of Vogel’s Bread

Lockdown Laughter: Half-eaten Vogel’s bread surprises with a $4,000 bid.

Views: 593,762
Price: $4,000
Seller’s Location: Kāpiti

The crown jewel of Trade Me listings in 2021, this unconventional half-eaten bag of Vogel’s bread became a nationwide sensation. Listed by Dave from Paraparaumu during August's level 4 lockdown, the auction not only garnered an impressive $12,000 for Ronald McDonald House and I Am Hope but also captured the hearts of Kiwi across the country. Dave, with a good-natured sense of humour, kept busy during lockdown by answering over 1,000 questions about his half-eaten loaf.

2. 2021 Cardborghini Aventapoor

Cardboard Dream: David's DIY Cardborghini drives charity with $10,420 bid.

Views: 211,670
Price: $10,420
Seller’s Location: Auckland

Unable to fulfill his dream of owning an $800,000 Lamborghini, 22-year-old David from Auckland embarked on a two-and-a-half-week mission to create his own. Crafted entirely from cardboard, the 'Cardborghini' captured the imagination of bidders, ultimately fetching a winning bid of $10,420. David decided to pay it forward, and the entire proceeds went to Starship Children’s Hospital. A testament to creativity and generosity, this listing made waves on Trade Me.

3. Zayne’s $5 Bank Note

Seaside Discovery: Zayne’s $5 note turns waves into $1,000 generosity.

Views: 177,935
Price: $1,000
Seller’s Location: Christchurch

Seven-year-old Zayne's discovery of a $5 note at Sumner Beach turned into a heartwarming listing. Spotting a flash of orange while catching the last wave of the day, Zayne reached out and grabbed the money from the water. Instead of using it for his dream of a two-stroke motorbike, Zayne's dad convinced him to list it on Trade Me. The $5 note fetched $1,000, and the listing garnered 177,935 views, showcasing the spirit of sharing and community.

4. Sky Tower Made from MIQ Trash

Trash to Treasure: Lloyd's Sky Tower lifts spirits, sells for $605.

Views: 136,030
Price: $605
Seller’s Location: Tauranga

With two weeks to spare in MIQ, Lloyd showcased Kiwi ingenuity by repurposing his quarantine rubbish into a magnificent 2.3m tall Sky Tower. The auction, viewed 136,030 times, raised $605, all of which Lloyd donated to Blind Low Vision NZ. This unique creation symbolises resilience and resourcefulness in challenging times.

5. 'The Rescued' Burger by Everybody Eats

Culinary Charity: 'The Rescued' burger raises $1,270 for Wellington.

Views: 125,757
Price: $1,270
Seller’s Location: Wellington

Everybody Eats contributed to the list with 'The Rescued' burger, raising $1,270 for a charitable cause in Wellington. This culinary creation not only satisfied appetites but also made a meaningful impact in supporting the community.

6. Variegated Minima

Green Marvel: Variegated Minima plant finds a new home on Trade Me.

Views: 102,763
Price: $27,100
Seller’s Location: Auckland

A house plant took centre stage on Trade Me with the Variegated Minima fetching an impressive $27,100. This botanical beauty not only added greenery to a home but also became a sought-after item, showcasing the diverse interests of Kiwi.

7. Signed Tim Southee World Test Championship Shirt

Cricket’s Impact: Tim Southee's signed shirt fetches high bid.

Views: 89,081
Price: $43,100
Seller’s Location: Auckland

Tim Southee's signed shirt from the World Test Championship garnered attention and a winning bid of $43,100. This listing not only celebrated sportsmanship but also contributed significantly to charitable causes.

8. Martin Jetpack Model P12 ZK-JMK

Futuristic Flight: Martin Jetpack soars out of Trade Me.

Views: 84,549
Price: $158,200
Seller’s Location: Christchurch

Flying into the top ten in November, the Martin Jetpack not only clocked up 84,549 views but also soared out the door for an impressive $158,200. This futuristic item captured the imagination of Trade Me users, reflecting the platform's diverse offerings.

9. Predator Statue 2.3m Tall

Monstrous Marvel: 2.3m tall Predator Statue conquers Trade Me.

Views: 78,828
Price: $9,550
Seller’s Location: Christchurch

A towering Predator Statue became the focus of attention, selling for $9,550 in Christchurch. This larger-than-life listing added a touch of the extraordinary to Trade Me, showcasing the platform's ability to host unique and eclectic items.

10. NZ's First Ever Homegrown Peanut Butter

Nutty Innovation: NZ's First Homegrown Peanut Butter on Trade Me.

Views: 58,365
Price: $3,150
Seller’s Location: Nelson

Rounding out the top ten, New Zealand's first-ever homegrown peanut butter attracted attention and a winning bid of $3,150. This delectable creation not only satisfied taste buds but also highlighted the innovation and craftsmanship found on Trade Me.