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Get more brand exposure & engagement

Buyers care most about trust and stock

Your listing page has been enhanced to present your vehicles in the best light, tell your brand story, build trust with buyers, increase engagement and drive high quality leads. 

From the 1st July, the following changes will be made to your listing page based on the package you purchase. We've included some tips on ways to make the most out of your page. 

Your Micro-Site has also been enhanced - click here for more info.

    Showcase your vehicle's best features with larger images and video

    Platinum & Gold Package listing images

    • Largest, high resolution, full width images for your listing page and gallery on desktop.
    • Here are some guides on how to take great photos and format images for the new image gallery.

    Platinum & Gold Package listing video

    • Two new video placements have been added: promote the vehicle with one and your dealership with the other.
    • Video content is played 9x more as a result of these enhancements**

    Available to: Platinum   ✓ Gold   × Silver   × Bronze

    Silver and Bronze Packages now have full width gallery images.

    Get more brand exposure and engagement

    Platinum & Gold Package dealership branding section

    • New dealership branding section pulls through from your Micro-Site onto all your listings.
    • Includes customisable header, photo banner, video and description.
    • Here’s a guide on how to update this section in DealerBase with tips on how to take photos and write a great description.

    You'll see more buyers visiting your Micro-Site

    Clicks through to the Micro-Site from a listing page has increased 20% for dealers on Platinum and Gold Packages.*

    Available to:  ✓   Platinum   ✓  Gold   ×  Silver   ×  Bronze

    Silver and Bronze Package 'about the dealer' section

    Branding has also been enhanced for Silver and Bronze Packages. 

    In the Trade Me Mobile App, your logo now appears in the 'about the dealer' section. There is also now a 'dealer's other listings' stripe to show your stock and encourage buyers to view your Micro-Site

    Silver and Bronze Package 'dealer's others listings' stripe

    Keep your brand front and center

    Platinum and Gold Package logo overlay

    • Your logo is laid over your vehicle's images and stays in place while users browse through the carousel.
    • Here's a guide on how to upload your logo in DealerBase.
    Available to:  ✓   Platinum     ✓   Gold     ×   Silver     ×   Bronze

    Get more qualified leads and convert more sales

    Platinum and Gold Package 'arrange a viewing' form

    • New, user-friendly ‘arrange a viewing’ form appears on your listing details page.
    • 50% more viewings are being arranged because of these enhancements.*^
    • Over 1000 viewings are made through this form every month.*^
    Available to:  ✓   Platinum     ✓   Gold     ×   Silver     ×   Bronze

    How to set up the form

    Set up the 'arrange a viewing' form by simply logging into your DealerBase account and navigating the menu:

    • My Company tab. 
    • Company details / test drive.
    • Fill in the details.

    Silver Package 'arrange a viewing' button

    An ‘arrange a viewing’ button has been added to the listing page for dealers on Silver Packages.

    Get increased enquiries with the new sticky banner

    Platinum & Gold Package branded sticky banner

    • Your logo remains visible as users scroll through a listing.
    • Displayed in a bar that 'sticks' to the top of the page.
    • Here's a guide on how to upload your logo to DealerBase. 

    Available to:  ✓   Platinum     ✓   Gold     ×   Silver     ×   Bronze

    Key details and action buttons also stay at the top of the page. 

      Available to:   ✓   Platinum     ✓   Gold     ✓   Silver     ✓   Bronze

      You'll see more buyers engaging with your listings

      • 15% more email enquiries.
      • 25% more listings are being shared (via social media, email or link).
      • Twice as many clicks on the "apply online" finance button.

      Average results across all packages.^

      Want to know more?

      Your account manager and friendly customer service team, are on hand to help you understand these changes and get the most out of your listing page.

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      Trade Me Motors site statistics:

      **Dealer and premium listing page performance, May 2021
      *Premium listing page performance, Mar - May 2021
      ^Dealer and Premium listing page performance, Mar - May 2021
      *^ Listing page trial period, May - June 2021.