What is a Trade Me Store?

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A low cost way to grow your profile

A Trade Me Store is a marketing tool that gives you a distinctive online presence and helps you increase your brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of developing and promoting your own website. A Trade Me Store helps build trust with buyers – they can see straight away that you’re a professional seller who’s running a business on Trade Me.

What does a Store look like?

Your Store will have a full-width banner to showcase your brand, a rotating carousel of up to five promotional banners, and you’ll be able to curate pages for important info such as your contact details and opening hours, shipping and payment information, and returns policies in the Store help panel. The Store branding will also appear on your listing details pages, so that buyers can easily identify that you’re a professional seller on Trade Me

Store example

Example of a Trade Me Store on desktop and preview
Trade Me store example on desktop and preview

What are the benefits of a store

  1. Increase brand awareness
    • Your Store name will be visible when a member types their keywords into the search bar. We autosuggest relevant terms, categories and Stores to help them find what they're looking for. For example:
      Keyword auto suggest
    • You get a Trade Me URL to promote your Store e.g. www.trademe.co.nz/my_store
    • You're given five optional promotional banners that can link to a preferred category or keyword search results.
  2. High volume listing allowance – the minimum allowance has been increased from 100 to 150 listings.
  3. YouTube videos – add videos to your listings that customers can watch directly on your page. Video is currently available to add via desktop, My Products and Tradevine, and is also available to third party providers through the API.
  4. Access to was/now pricing so you can run discounts or specials on your products.
  5. Store stats email – you'll receive an email every month featuring key demographics on your buyers and information on your top-selling products.
  6. Your contact details are displayed in the Store help section on your profile.
  7. Ability to use a clearance filter.
  8. Custom tabs for Store help & policy information.
  9. The cost to have a Store on Trade Me with a company logo displayed is considerably cheaper than any banner advertising on the site.
  10. You get a direct link from your Trade Me Store to your website, as long as it complies with our Stores terms and conditions .

Do I qualify for a Store?

It's really easy to qualify for a store, you just need to be in-trade and comply with our Stores terms and conditions.

What is the cost of a Store?

  • Store set up fee: $399*
  • Monthly fee: $79*

* all costs excl. GST

How do I sign up for a Store?

Easy! Just complete this short application form and our Store team will be in touch.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • You'll receive a confirmation email of your application from our Store team along with a PDF that covers what information we need from you to customise your Store, including:
    • A logo and banner design for your Store. Unfortunately we're unable to create the logo and banner for you, but our Stores team will provide excellent support, ensuring a smooth transition on to Trade Me.
    • Your company information, including warranty and policies, ensuring that you comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) & Fair Trading Act (FTA).
    • Any other information that you may wish to share e.g. info about the business, Trade Me customer testimonials, or just a general greeting.
  • Our Stores team will review your application (allow up to two business days for this).
  • Once approved, your Store will be live with default Stores artwork if you haven't provided your images yet.

If you'd like to find out more about Stores before applying, get in touch with our team.