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Jobs in Twizel

With fantastic opportunities for a great work/life balance in a stunning part of the country, check out these awesome jobs in Twizel.

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Jobs in Twizel

Looking for jobs in Twizel? There’s a lot to love about living and working in this beautiful town, so here’s just a brief rundown of the career opportunities on offer.

In the trades and services sector, Twizel presents opportunities for electricians, plumbers, builders, and automotive technicians. The thriving town has a constant demand for skilled tradespeople to cater to the community's needs. Whether you're a qualified tradesperson looking to set up your own business or seeking employment with existing enterprises, you'll find the town's welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community conducive to building a successful career.

Hospitality and tourism are thriving sectors in Twizel, thanks to its proximity to iconic attractions like Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park and the stunning Lake Pukaki. Job openings in this sector range from baristas and chefs to hotel staff and tour guides. As tourists flock to the area to explore its natural wonders, there's a continuous need for dedicated professionals to provide exceptional hospitality services. If you're passionate about showcasing the beauty of Te Waipounamu/South Island, a career in Twizel's tourism industry can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Agriculture has been integral to Twizel's economy for years, and it continues to offer promising career paths. The region is known for its sheep and cattle farming, as well as its cropping activities. If you have experience in farming, you'll find opportunities as a farm manager or farmhand.

Transport and logistics are integral to the smooth functioning of Twizel, considering its position as a hub for travellers exploring the Mackenzie Basin. Truck drivers, couriers, and logistics coordinators are in demand to ensure the efficient movement of goods and services in and out of the region. If you have experience in transportation or logistics, your skills will be highly sought after. Additionally, as the town continues to grow, there's potential for career advancement in these fields.

Aside from these sectors, Twizel also offers opportunities in education, healthcare, and retail. The town's schools and healthcare facilities provide openings for teachers, healthcare professionals, and support staff. Retail businesses are flourishing, catering to the needs of both residents and tourists. So, if you have a background in any of these sectors, Twizel might have the perfect job waiting for you.

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