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We’re home to one of NZ’s richest first-party data sets.

Our data tells a billion stories about Kiwis in our community as they search, view and watchlist on-site. We know our audiences and can help you generate their awareness, create their interest and capture their intent.

With Trade Me Audience, advertisers can tap into a huge range of smart targeting options in a trusted and brand-safe environment.

Your audience lives here.
We can help you reach them.
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Trade Me uses Salesforce DMP - a Data Management Platform to manage our first party data. The data sets collected are in real time (in-market) and historic (previous in-market). We take Intent and Interest indicators (Viewed, Searched, Watchlisted, Bought, Listed, Sold) and overlay other targeting options such as Categories, Premium and ROS. Leveraging Intent and Interest data allows advertisers to reach our audience at all stages of the path to purchase; Nielsen Market Intelligence (March 2019); Office of the Privacy Commissioner (2017)