Advertisers advice

Standard display ads

Display ads sit alongside the homepage content, search results and listing pages. We offer a range of different options.


  • Medium Rectangle 300x250 (available on mobile)
  • Leaderboard 728x90
  • Half Page 300x600
  • Skyscraper 160x600
  • Billboard 970x250
  • In-search banner 640x200

For a full breakdown of where different placements are available on Trade Me, please see our media kit.


File format: JPEG, JPG, GIF or HTML5
For animated files we require it to loop no more than 3 times, the same maximum file size applies. For more info on HTML5 click here. Third party ad served tags and tracking tags accepted.

File size: 80kb or less
Billboard (970x250) and Half Page (300x600) ads can be up to 120kb

Animation: accepted


  • 1 click-through URL
  • SSL compliant (if hosted via third party)
  • To be received three working days before the start if the campaign for testing and loading

We care about our users' privacy and security so we require all advertisements to support secure ad serving.

  • This means that all components of display ads, including image files, fonts, JavaScript, tracking pixels must be able to serve via SSL (https://)
  • Any domain references within the ad need to either be hardcoded to https:// or begin with just the double forward slash // so the browser can follow the current scheme and request securely when required
  • This is supported by all third-party ad servers and happens by default for any publisher hosted environments

For any questions please contact